You have searched
in your lifetime, high and low,
for the most ethical yoga apparel maker.

You believe in fair trade with the people who makes your clothes,
ethically and equitably.

You despise
child exploitation and environmental degradation,
and refuse to support resource wastage.

Then look no further.

Here at YogaYogaYoga.Co,
we believe in the very same things as you do.

Our purpose as a business is to
be at peace with mother earth and its earthlings.

This includes getting out of our way to
empower the hands who knits your clothes with equitable compensation,
while reducing our environmental impact and consumption of precious resources.

After all,
that is the essence of Yoga:
to be at peace with yourself, your environment and your community.

So support us, our trade and our community,
as with 800,000 other women worldwide,
to be a Yogis who Care & Do Good!!







The Story - Lingua Franca

Lingua Franca.
The language of the city.
You speak its tongue and accents fluently.
You work hard to earn your living & status in the city.
You make your money and owes no one a living.

Its hard to leave here.
The gardens are lush,
the cafes intimately cosy,
and the air fills with hope and promise of romance.

At the end of the day, the list of things
you are willing to compromise diminishes.

How you dress yourself & your home isn't a compromise, though.

You are drawn to different standard when it comes
to your fashion & the home decor.

Nothing gray.
Nothing common.
Nothing too similar to the neighbours'.

At just the right moment, you discovered us,
presenting you an opportunity to stand yourself out from the
remainder of the city.
No more mediocrity.
Just unique. Uniquely yourself.
Your very own Lingua Franca here.

As if by accident, you stumble upon this mecca that expresses yourself.
The blankets impossibly soft.
The leggings and sports bra buttery stretches over your curves.
Intoxicatingly luxurious.
Nothing too loud, nothing too banal.
Just your cup of tea.

Here, you will discover how
the softness,
the stretchiness,
the comfiness,
the colors,
the design,
all conspire to accumulate to
your own kind of Lingua Franca.


Felix the
Yoga Fox
- Ocean Blue Series


Felix the
Yoga Fox
- Hot Pink Series